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Authentic Homescapes is an industry leader dedicated to high-quality hardscape, landscaping and award-winning services. We install our Hardscape and Landscape projects at or above industry standard to create spaces that withstand the test of time. Our company is small enough to understand your needs down to the tiniest details, yet big enough to deliver on its promise. We believe our success is firmly established in our openness and commitment to partnership with clients and the use of an outstanding, highly dedicated staff that ensures every customer is satisfied.

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What Clients Are Saying

I wasn’t quite sure how to improve the area around our pool and met with a number of companies who all wanted to install an uninspired patio. After much searching, someone recommended Authentic Homescapes. Jason immediately had a vision of what needed to be done. He met with me numerous times to review the design and select the right materials. When the time came for installation, the crew was always on time, on schedule, and professional. We now have a beautiful pool patio and I could not be happier with the result. I plan to hire the company again for future projects - a great experience all around!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our home team is always ready at your service. You can ask us for immediate arrangements or plan steadily and book our services.

    How long does it take to complete a garden makeover?

    Many people underestimate the length of time it takes to complete a garden makeover. Even a smaller garden could take a while. You could be looking at a minimum of four months from the first estimate to the completed project. The four months are broken down into approximately four weeks for design, 2-3 weeks where our contractors prepare the garden, about six weeks waiting time and another four weeks building time. 

    For this reason, booking your estimate and getting your design done early is very important. You should be talking to a landscaper in autumn, at the very latest, Easter, if you want a beautiful garden by summer. Remember, it's a minimum of four months. 

    Can i have just part of my garden landscaped?

    Our goal is to deliver on our clients' needs. If you want just a portion of your garden landscaped, Authentic Homescapes will create the perfect design that suits your space. However, we recommend that you go large and hard on the details to make a bold statement. After all, Authentic Homescapes has a wide range of landscaping designs for you to choose from. We are more than happy to help you choose from our wide catalogue of modern, rustic, or sleek designs. Most clients love contemporary designs, and the materials used for such designs are also easily available – concrete, metal, mirrors, polished walls and painted wood, to name just a few.

    Do you also Install outdoor lighting?

    Yes, we do.

    Outdoor lighting is one of our areas of expertise. From simple designs that take a few hours to complete, to more technical ones that must take longer, Authentic Homescapes has, for a long time, installed beautiful outdoor lighting designs for both residential and commercial clients. 

    What is the cost for garden lighting?

    You want to know the cost of garden lighting if you are planning an upgrade. After all, lighting is more than just about beauty; it is extremely important in any garden. Many factors affect the cost of garden lighting, so it's a little hard to give an exact figure without prior knowledge of your specific needs and requirements. 


    You will have to spend more money if you want a complex design and less if you want a simple design. The price range for a small patio, for example – buying the lights, design and installation – could be approximately $800-1,400, a large garden could cost you from $3,000-$5,500, and high-end gardens that include decorative pieces, multiple zones and in-ground lighting could easily cost $30,000 - $90,000. The best way to know your garden lighting costs is to call Authentic Homescapes and book a free estimate today.

    How deep does my pond need to be?

    Goldfish and other smaller fish species don't need a deep pond. Koi, on the other hand, requires a deeper pond to thrive. A shallow pond of at least 1ft can house small fish, but 2-3ft is the ideal depth that provides an optimal environment for aquatic life. 


    Climate is also another huge part when it comes to pond depth. Will your pond freeze in winter or boil up in summer? The level of maintenance required on a shallow pond is another factor to consider. Do you want water plants? Will you need water circulation? All these questions and many others not mentioned here are valid, so the best way to get all the details is making that call to talk to Authentic Homescapes’ pond experts.

    How much maintenance will my pond need?

    Maintenance services depend on the specifics of your pond. They are beautiful additions to any landscape but can quickly become an eyesore when neglected. Either way, regular maintenance and cleaning is good for any pond. You can have your small, decorative pond cleaned once a year. If you have a bigger pond with a complex ecosystem including plants and fish, you may want to clean it fortnightly or monthly.