paver patio around a pool with and outdoor fireplace

Outdoor Living Spaces

Where Hosting Becomes Rejuvenating

7:00 AM. You stretch, get out of bed, and shuffle to the kitchen. As your coffee percolates, you stroll to the French doors overlooking your backyard. You catch your breath. This view! Can it really be mine?

Graceful walls and intricate patio stonework interlace with your favorite trees and perennials. Mist rises from the waterfalls. You stretch again and smile as you remember last night’s grad party. Everything had been perfectly magical under the pagoda–the fire glowing, lively conversation, fresh-off-the-grill kabobs.

You open the door . . . and you wake up. It was only a dream.

But it doesn’t have to be.

How to Get Started on an Outdoor Living Space

Make the Plans.

As landscape designers, we set your vision as our compass. This stage includes imagination, estimates, 3-D drawings, revisions, and frequent conversations.

Watch Them Unfold.

Creation. Your masterpiece comes to life through much digging, building, and planting. We communicate with you daily during this process.

Love Your Outdoors.

You’re enchanted daily by a space where you love to be alone and love to host guests.

Building Artistic Outdoor Living Spaces For 25+ Years

No Yard Like Yours.

Cookie cutter design. Same patterns and shapes. That’s not us. We join your memories and dreams with our expertise to create a space that couldn’t be anyone else’s.

In the Hands of Artists.

We work like artists. While we lay out design plans before we start, we change them freely if inspiration strikes differently. Our process stays flexible to both your new ideas and ours.

Easy Communication.

Since we’re a small company, you’ll always have access to the owner. You won’t have to worry about your vision getting lost in “whisper-down-the-lane” communications.

We are members of the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) and the NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Association).

Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute
Concrete Masonry Association