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Water Harvesting Features

Water Harvesting Features

Proper design and installation of water harvesting features require technical skill and regular maintenance. That’s why Authentic Homescapes recommends its experienced experts who are readily available to give you a free estimate today.

You may not be familiar with the old expression, “April showers bring May flowers,” but it makes so much sense when you think of all the abundant water and beautiful blooms that follow spring rain. Water harvesting has become trendy in recent years, more so in drier parts of the country. Subsequently, many people are looking for artistic water-harvesting features that also add some delicate qualities to their landscape. Authentic Homescapes offers a comprehensive water harvesting feature package that includes design and installation. When you hire our water harvesting experts, your only concern should be sitting and waiting for a high-quality, functional water system. 

While almost ¾ of our planet is covered by water, most of it isn’t suitable for domestic use. You can never drink ocean or seawater or use it for pretty much anything else. As a result, a scarcity of water ideal for drinking at home or for industrial use is constantly a threat. 

In rural places, rainwater is still the primary supply of drinking water. However, infrastructure becomes quite important in water harvesting processes in urban areas. Water harvesting has innumerable benefits, and you can decide to capture the water using traditional methods and structures. The simplest forms are water tanks, but most are dull and ugly. Standard methods add no beauty, value, or otherwise to your landscape. Authentic Homescapes uses revolutionary designs, working with decorative ideas to give your water harvesting features a unique and dramatic twist. Our goal is to add beauty and efficiency to your water harvesting features. 

Harvesting rainwater has a multitude of benefits. First, you could use the water to irrigate the surrounding landscape, especially during dry months. By using water harvesting features, homeowners can efficiently and quickly control and manage excess runoff. Harvested water significantly reduces the overall demand for water and the water bill at home. By incorporating water harvesting features in your landscape, you mitigate potential flooding, soil erosion, and surface runoff. Instead, you improve the quantity and quality of groundwater in your property, conserve water and energy and reduce the need for water importation. Other people also harvest water to minimize their consumption of groundwater. 

The technologies involved in water harvesting are simple and easy to operate. Authentic Homescapes uses artificially designed water harvesting systems that mimic natural catchment areas. They include features like rock surfaces, hillslopes, rooftops, and compounds. We consider several factors while designing and installing the perfect water feature for your landscape. 

We look at:

  • The capacity of your storage features
  • Your roofing system and materials 
  • Relevant technologies
  • The slope of your landscape
  • Environmental impact
  • Water catchment features
  • Quality, quantity, and frequency of rainfall in your area
  • Ease and speed of rainwater penetration through the ground