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Authentic Homescapes will help you design and install a perfect wall for your garden and landscape. Too tall, and the wall comes off as intimidating and soulless; too short, and they might be overlooked, especially if some plants are growing in front. The perfect wall height makes your home intimate, shielding you from nosy neighbors but still good enough to let you have a good view of the surrounding areas.

When landscaping comes to your mind, walls might be the last thing you think about. Walls, just like driveways, are often overlooked. Nonetheless, people are slowly coming around and realizing that walls are the unsung outdoor heroes of many landscapes. They sit quietly in the background to fulfill very critical roles. They protect you from intruders, people with bad intentions, the extremes of weather elements, among other things. You’d agree that walls do the heavy lifting. Still, many homeowners dismiss walls as ugly must-haves. They never think of walls structures that can be turned into beautiful landscaping features.  

Authentic Homescapes is here to tell you otherwise. You can have beautiful walls in your home too. It doesn’t matter which design you are working with; walls can make your landscape look modern and refined. Luckily, there is a broad variety of styles and designs for every taste and budget. If you are a laid-back person who prefers neutral colors like white or grey, we can make that happen. If you’d rather upgrade your home will timber walls, stackable glass, or anything else, Authentic Homescapes will make it a reality. There must be something for you in our wide collection. 

Please keep in mind that walls aren’t things you want to try and DIY. The risks associated with stability increase significantly where walls are involved. The opinion of Authentic Homescapes wall experts will be invaluable in such a case. Our experts will gladly give you constructive opinions and a free estimate if you call us today. 

You can use walls in your garden to make boundaries, define different spaces distinctly, and frame your landscape. Walls have so much potential depending on the degree of your imagination. You can easily make them a visual guide to attract the eyes to a specific point. Walls can also do the opposite, helping you hide the less attractive portions of your garden, so guests only see what you want them to. In this way, you use walls to control how people perceive your landscape. They are the structural bones of any landscape style. They contribute so much to your landscape, so you must give them a chance.     

Placed strategically in a garden, walls can create useful flat surfaces where you can grow plants, flowers, and outdoor lights. You can make walls the main affair, an attractive backdrop for your potted plants, or sculptural events like the ones found in Renaissance gardens and other classical layouts. There is usually a certain level of brick and stone involved in these wall frameworks. 

Authentic Homescapes - Landscaper In Denver PA

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