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If you want a stone deck designed and installed, call Authentic Homescapes. We will help you choose a design that complements and is aesthetically pleasing to your landscape. We use the latest design and installation procedures so that your stone deck stays beautiful all year round.  

Building a stone deck is a pocket-friendly landscaping project that increases the value of your home and extends your general living area. It provides a luxurious space where you can spend some alone time or entertain your guests. Looking at it this way, the ROI for building a stone deck is quite significant. Stone decks are built using hardscape materials such as natural stones or concrete. For this reason, stone decks are durable, beautiful, and practical. They have a “natural” look that becomes even more beautiful as it ages. 

Stone decks can be installed easily on the ground, especially if you already have a flat space to build them. It has minimal, if any, maintenance requirements. All you have to do is scrub it a little and wash it with a garden horse from time to time. Depending on the stone used to create the deck, you may have to reseal once in a while. This is especially true if the deck was built with lighter stones. 

As you think about adding a stone deck to your landscape, you must consider how you want the whole area to look. Of course, aesthetics is a priority, so you have to evaluate how the deck will sit in your landscape. Stone decks will be your best pick if you want an outdoor space that blends well with the architectural design of your home. You can work with different colors, designs, and elements to create a suitable atmosphere for yourself. Creativity and the right materials are all you need, and Authentic Homescapes has you covered. 

You can also add a fire feature or a water feature, patterned cushions, colorful pillows, or plants to the stone deck to give it extra curb appeal and bring a warm, homely feel to the outdoor space. 

Stone decks are not susceptible to weather elements. Sun, freeze, and rain don’t affect the beauty and functionality, but you can never say the same about wooden decks. Stone decks are supported by mechanical footings and concrete, so extensive base preparation before installation isn’t necessary. Stone decks are irrefutably flexible, making them a favorite among many homeowners. You can build it on the ground, on an elevated site, on the third or fourth story, or even on its rooftop. It can be designed with extra storage space underneath. 

Stone decks will last forever, and it’s the only landscaping structure that gets close to almost zero maintenance requirement. It is the perfect alternative to a composite or wooden deck. They are a timeless classic, and they will probably stay that way for a long time.