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Pool Decks – Ultimate Relaxation

Authentic Homescapes can help you add fences, exterior walls, or pergolas with draperies for improved privacy if that’s a concern. Trust me, upgrading your pool deck, the plants, and the outdoor lighting can do miracles for your landscape. There are many so designs and budget ranges to work with when it comes to pool decks, that there isn’t a good enough excuse for anyone to have a dull pool.  Call Authentic Homescapes today to get a free verbal estimate.

Summers are fun around the pool. Water is the main focus at the swimming pool, but the pool deck surrounding it is the best determinant of how well it complements the landscape and how safe it is for swimmers. You could live your best pool deck life if it is designed in a way that ensures secure movement and lounging for fun-loving swimmers. Authentic Homescapes can help you add a pool deck that complements your home, or improve on an already existing deck. 

A solidly built pool deck defines the zone, and is the ideal sunbathing spot for you and your friends. The design must be practical to provide a safe access point for loungers. It also plays an important role in the overall look and feel of its general surroundings. Whether you go for a complex design with matching rails, a modern, sleek design, or rustic styles, Authentic Homescapes will create a suitable pool deck for your home. 

We recommend concrete pool decks for inground pools. Wooden decks work best for above-ground pools. Either way, upgrading or installing your pool deck doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be a fun process that changes your home’s entire “feel” and adds some beautiful landscaping to it. Think about adding some trees and shrubs around the pool for a dramatic effect. The trees can provide extra shade, but we will ensure that they are at least 15 feet away from the pool’s edge. We will also help you decide how to plant the trees depending on where the shade is, guided by the sun’s position throughout the day. 

Your geographical location determines the plants around the pool. Some plants do well in cooler climates, with others thrive in hot, dry locations. Always check with Authentic Homescapes to see what plants we recommend for your geographical location. 

You can also update your pool deck using some outdoor lights. This way, you can enjoy your pool during the day and night. You might think the current lighting in your home is enough, but a few outdoor lights around the pool creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Gas and electric lighting may present their challenges, but solar outdoor lighting is a cheap, practical option for the pool. As the day slowly transitions into night, you can sit quietly by the pool, enjoying the summer heat. 

Authentic Homescapes can help you add fences, exterior walls, or pergolas with draperies for improvement.

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