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Kitchen & Bar

Kitchen & Bar

Authentic Homescapes creates outdoor kitchens and bars that are beautiful and functional. The designs come in various sizes, flavors, and uses, from simple two-person sitting spaces close to beautiful fire features, to full-scale bars complete with heating, plumbing, storage cabinets, and seating areas. We will design and build everything you need to the tiniest details. We implement all the necessary appliances and conveniences of a modern, functional outdoor bar and kitchen. 

The popularity of outdoor kitchens and bars is on the rise. The trend has gained momentum in recent years and you can expect it to stay that way, at least for the foreseeable future. Still, many people wonder how valuable an outdoor kitchen and bar is. Outdoor kitchens and bars are an appealing addition to any home. Outdoor kitchens and bars are practical, making the home environment bigger by adding usable living space. Experts agree that outdoor kitchens and bars increase the value of a home significantly. 

According to one study done by Absolute Outdoor Kitchens, homes with outdoor kitchens and bars experience an ROI of approximately 100% to 200% compared to homes without them. Another study by Casual Living Magazine reports that about 49% of homeowners recently built an outdoor living and cooking area to compliment their home, and 25% of those who hadn’t, hoped that they would do so in the next year.  

If you’ve been to a home with an outdoor kitchen and bar, or you own one, you’ll agree that people are obsessed with them. Once guests spot an outdoor kitchen and bar, moving them from that spot becomes back-breaking. It’s like the most exciting place to hang out in any home. You’ll see guests slowly making their way into the backyard, sitting comfortably at the bar, and start sipping on some drinks.  

An outdoor kitchen and bar is the central place, just like the indoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen and bar acts as the perfect social currency in one way or another. You’ll also notice that purses, gifts, chips bags, wine bottles, and everything the guests bring end up in the outdoor kitchen and bar. Dinners and parties become more appealing than dining in fancy restaurants that costs a decent dollar.  

Outdoor kitchens and bars can be designed to complement and blend perfectly with your home. Most people use them as secondary entertainment and hang-out areas within their original design. Outdoor kitchens and bars are perfect for small events and get-togethers, entertaining guests, and enjoying some relaxing time during hot summers. 

When you invest in an outdoor kitchen and bar, you upgrade your home and align it with modern kitchen designs. Furthermore, you position your home strategically in a volatile real estate industry and increase its resale value by leaps and bounds a few years down the road. If selling is part of the plan, you should do so during spring or summer. During these seasons, people prioritize grilling and outdoor ideas.