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At Authentic Homescapes, we prioritize style and function for your driveways. We study the shape and slope of any landscape before we lay out the driveway. How big is your landscape? Are there dips or slopes that must be taken into consideration? How many vehicles do you want to accommodate in your driveway, when parked? Which surface material suits your terrain and climate best? In the end, the most suitable driveway style for your home will be determined by the materials used, size, and shape of your landscape.

Authentic Homescapes is famous for its beautiful driveway designs. From unique garage door styles, subsurface functionality, street-view garages, different foliage ideas, long country drives to alternative top layer materials, our landscaping ideas will make you fall in love with your driveway again. 

Driveways are popularly known for their ordinary looks and are often taken for granted. Given that all they do is get cars off and onto the street, many homeowners assume driveways are meant to be just that, and nothing can be done to make them amazing. The only problem is driveways are usually in front of the house. They contribute so much to the “face” of your house, so you may as well think about upgrading it to something that is not just practical but also pretty. Driveways deserve better.

A beautifully-designed driveway sets the tone for the rest of the property. If the design is impressive, you make a lasting impression. Driveways increase your home’s resale value should you want to sell it a few years down the line, and meanwhile, it’s always there to welcome you back after a long day. 

We recommend horseshoe driveways for busy streets. With such driveways, the stress of pulling into a crowded street is reduced significantly. You may love a curvy driveway if your house is set further from the street. Curvy driveways create a beautiful, dramatic, country-lane effect. If your property is small, a simple driveway may work just fine. Call Authentic Homescapes today, and we will help you choose a design depending on the slope of your property. 

We will also help you select a surface material that perfectly complements your property’s architectural design. Our selection is wide, but most clients love asphalt, gravel, concrete, glass block pavers, and pavers. You can try sophisticated block-laid finishes, luxe gates, or roll-over planting combos if you are the daring type. Driveways are well worth the time and money. A crisp driveway with weed-free paving, excellent outdoor lighting, and beautifully planted edges can increase curb appeal and create an impactful first impression. 

Safety is also a priority, especially if your neighborhood is unlit or your winding drive is stretchy.

Call Authentic Homescapes today, and we will hook you up with the best driveway design in the market today. Our driveway experts create designs that add lots of style to your landscape. We will transform even the steepest of slopes to firm, stylish, simple driveways that are easy to use, using industry-best leveling and hardscaping techniques. Your home will be a case in point when it comes to driveways.